Hi! I’m Lou!

I’m an artist and printmaker.

You can find me in my home studio, messing about with screen prints (and occasionally other forms of printmaking), or at my drawing table, making simple, detailed works in fine liner and watercolour.

What my work has in common, whether it’s an abstract line art piece destined to become a gold-leafed screen print, or a delicate watercolour, is the importance of process.

I hope that the peace and tranquility that I find in the making of art comes across in the finished product, and that I can encourage you to take up a pen or pencil or brush, and find a space of calm and restoration for yourself.

Much of my work is abstract, but it has intent behind it. Over the years I’ve developed a process of making art that responds to ideas, and is able to represent and develop those ideas through a visual language of lines, forms and colours. 

I wouldn’t expect you to be able to look at a piece of my art and be able to work out what those ideas were, but you might get an emotional response to it that corresponds to the initial subject. 

There is an idea in Christian meditation of lectio divina, where you spend time focusing on a short passage of text, and allow it to sit with you as you are drawn to certain words or phrases. They become meaningful to you in ways that are unexpected. A friend taught me this process and I adapted it, I started with reading short texts, sometimes poetry, other times scripture or reflections on life. Then I took a sketchbook and randomly drew whatever came out. Sometimes there was an obvious link to what I’d been reading, but as I progressed, the links became less direct.

I began using this process to reflect on whatever I was reading, and for the PhD I’ve been working on, the reflections have been on works of economics and politics, academic and philosophical works and I’ve created a series of abstract screen prints that tell a story of debt, the possibility and history of debt forgiveness and explore options for future economies. Some of the prints from this series are available for sale in my shop, and you can find more about my abstract art prints here.

When I was young, I always had an art project on the go. I enjoyed art at school but wasn’t any better at it than other subjects, so was encouraged to follow paths that led to better jobs. I had an idea about being an engineer, like my dad, so took lots of science and maths. I ended up in computing, which served me well as a career for quite a few years. I always had a creative outlet though, and that changed over the years, from card-making to silk painting to textile art, to making clothes, to acrylic painting to, … you name it, I’ve probably tried it. These creative endeavours were usually family affairs with my sister and mam and I working on projects together.

In the early 2000s, I was bored with computing and took a random career move, went back to university, and ended up working with charities and churches doing creative arts projects in the community. All those creative side projects I’d done in the past became incredibly useful skills that I could share with the small groups I was working with.

The reason I make art is for the process, not necessarily the end product, though I am proud of what I make. Before I began teaching others, I already knew there was something incredibly positive for me about drawing, painting and making. It had an expansive and hopeful effect on me, and when I was making, I could feel my brain calm down, my breathing slow, and possibilities open up. As I taught simple creative projects to others, they shared with me, yes occasionally the frustrations of learning something new, but also the peace of the process as they gained competency. I now share watercolour and other creative projects online so that I can help more people to experience that quiet place of calm and healing. 

In the last few years I have truly decided to own the title ‘artist’ which other people had already bestowed on me, and have been printmaking; making art for exhibition and for sales, taking some commissions and sharing my love of art and process on YouTube.

See my work in Person: Exhibitions and Galleries

I create fine art screen prints and watercolour paintings. You can find these at exhibitions and galleries in the UK. Find a list of past and present exhibitions at my alternative website, link below.

Buy Art Online

I produce original and digital prints and items for every budget, shipping to the US, Canada and the UK from this website, and to the rest of the world from my Etsy store.

Artist Statement and CV

If you’ve been intrigued by what you’ve read above, you can find out more about my abstract and conceptual work by visiting my alternative website. 

There I’ve got more of a traditional art portfolio, an artist’s statement, my art CV, and talk more about the inspiration for each piece of work.

Follow my Online Art Tutorials

I have over 150 art tutorials on my YouTube channel. These are free for you to view, and cover mostly watercolour, but also fineliner drawing, other types of painting and some introduction to printmaking videos.

For the last year, I’ve been producing videos in themed seasons, eight weeks at a time.

There are many simple pattern-painting and doodling videos, perfect for beginners to art, but which are also great if you’re looking for a project to slow down, take pleasure in the process and enjoy the meditative space art can bring.

Learn with me in a face-to-face Workshop

I teach screen printing, letterpress printing, gel printing and watercolour with the Arienas Collective in Edinburgh. Visit their website for dates and further details.

You can also contact me to facilitate workshops for your organisation in any of these areas, or to craft a bespoke session that’s appropriate for your location, numbers and budget. I work to the Scottish Artist Union rates and would require appropriate travel and accommodation expenses outside of Edinburgh. If you think this would work for you, please get in touch.

I have the experience and tools to lead workshops for up to twelve people in mindful mandala drawing, line and wash sketching, lino printing, relaxing watercolour painting and in lectio-divina based drawing. I can take smaller groups in screen printing and letterpress.

Ask for a Commission!

I take commissions infrequently, but if you have an interesting project then please do get in touch.

In the past couple of years I’ve taken on maker commissions; screen prints for special occasions or special locations, letterpress commissions for weddings and events, drawing commissions for house portraits and even unusual maker requests from those who know I have a well stocked workshop and like a challenge!

I also do some illustration work and licensing. Licensing is where images that I’ve already created are used in print or on products. In the past year, I’ve had work licensed for book covers and for editorial work. I’ve also produced illustrations for bespoke projects.