Summer 2023 YouTube Season ... Along the Shoreline

Three watercolour paintings, one of a seascape, one of a puffin, one of pebbles.

Starting 30th July 2023, I’ll be sharing eight weeks of watercolour step-by-step projects painting water, pebbles, shells, seascapes and harbour scenes. I hope you’ll join me!

After every season I do a little analysis and make tweaks to my content based on what you’ve enjoyed. This season, YouTube tells me the best day and time to post for my audience is Sunday so I’ll be aiming to post my main tutorial each week at noon on Sunday (uk time!).

I’m also really just going to use watercolour. I’ll do some line and wash of pretty seaside towns, but won’t be venturing too far from my watercolour palette.

For this season I’ll be using a consistent set of supplies, and in the next week I’ll publish my list of what I’ve got out on my work table. (I share supplies list for information, not that you have to use the same paints, brushes or paper that I am!).

The exception to that plan is that I’m going to do a watercolour paper experiment one week to test out different papers for you to see the difference in the results based on price and the makeup of the paper. I’ve even made a spreadsheet!

In-between tutorials will be other videos but I’ll make them when I have something interesting to say, and they will focus more on the technical aspects of working as an artist. I’m making these because I hope you’ll be interested and I’ll try and answer some of the questions you’ve asked me, but also because exhibiting and making new art is stepping up a gear recently and I’d like to share that side of my practice with you.

I’ll update this page with links to the videos as the season progresses, but the best way to get them is to subscribe to my channel on YouTube. Click the bell icon to get notifications of new videos when I post them.

Hope to see you on YouTube soon!