Art Collections

In 2016 I took a step towards becoming a full time artist by taking a printmaking course for a year. After the year was complete, I started, first part time, then full time, working as an artist. Until 2020, I would have said I was a full-time printmaker, but life took a turn in an unexpected turn, and in order to keep folk occupied I began making art tutorials for YouTube, focusing on art that you could use in a small space and be easily accessible.

My watercolour and line and wash tutorials were an unexpected success and, since then, I’ve produced work in a variety of styles and media, incorporating those media more and more into my art for sale and exhibition.

In order to maintain some consistency, I now work in collections, spending a few weeks or months working in a similar style and media. You’ll find collections from the past few years listed on this page.

A collection of decorative screen prints in white, black and gold.

This season I was researching patterns for my Spring YouTube watercolour tutorials and it reminded me of the simple joy of creating patterns from small repeating elements. I looked at Portuguese tiles (Ajuelos), mandalas and sacred geometry, medieval patterns from illuminated manuscripts and celtic art and design in the form of knots.

This series of screen prints came from re-awakening my love of drawing these simple patterns with fineliner pens. I’ve taken my favourite drawings and turned them into screen prints, using imitation gold leaf to add some lustre.

I’m very slowly working through the alphabet, creating illuminated letters based on medieval and celtic designs. When I’ve produced the whole alphabet, I’ll be releasing them as archival digital prints and as greetings cards. Sign up to the mailing list to be notified of release dates!

In January and February, I made a series of YouTube tutorials on architecture painting, using my home city of Edinburgh as inspiration.

The prints in this series are archival quality prints on fine art paper of Edinburgh landmarks made with line and wash.

Prints of my woodland inspired art projects from the Autumn of 2023. 

Most of these are available as full video step-by-step tutorials for you to paint yourself, but if you’d like one of my paintings from this series, they’re available in A4 and A5 size giclee prints.

The prints in this series are archival quality prints on fine art paper of Edinburgh landmarks made with line and wash.