Colour Club

What is Colour Club?

Colour club is my community on Ko-fi. Ko-fi is a donation site that allows my wonderful supporters to donate on a one-off or monthly basis to express their appreciation for the free content I make and to allow me to make more of it.

On ko-fi, I post some behind-the-scenes blog posts, mostly about running my little art business and letting you all in on the joys and frustrations of creating for a living. I also talk about my plans for future videos and ask for your help in choosing video topics.

Once a month, I make an extra video just for my paid supporters. This is usually something to do with colour – swatching new paints, choosing colour palettes, how to mix colours, and it’s where I get excited about new art purchases! In these videos I am less edited – you’ll see a bit more of the real me – and I don’t edit out things like my dog interrupting that wouldn’t make it into my regular videos!

Videos from the last few months have included:

Swatching QoR High Chroma Colours

Testing some new-to-me watercolour paints and giving you my first impressions.

Choosing a Seasonal Palette

Selecting colours for a neutral palette for my January-March 2024 season of paintings.

Mixing neutral colours from Primaries

All the colours in this painting were mixed from my three bright primaries and in this video I show you how to achieve these muted tones.