Watercolour Painting Tutorials available on YouTube

I’ve been creating art tutorials on YouTube since 2020. In the last two years, I’ve really focused on watercolour projects that you can follow along with if you’re a beginner and provide inspiration to more experienced artists too.

I work in seasons, with four distinct themes a year. In the last year, I’ve tackled drawing architecture in perspective, designing repeating patterns, making abstract compositions, colour mixing and more. Projects are varied in skill level and subject so hopefully you will find something to get you painting!

From July 2023, I’m be posting eight weeks of step-by-step watercolour projects inspired by the sea. 

This summer, I’m using a consistent set of supplies to make a series of watercolour and line and wash paintings with a fresh feel. I’m taking inspiration from the coasts of Scotland and North East England.

For many projects I’ve provided accompanying line art and reference images, and you’ll be able to access those from the project pages on this website.

I hope you’ll join me! Subscribe to my YouTube channel to access all the videos completely free.

This Spring I’m going all out for colour, pattern and enjoying your art as a process, focusing on the experience of making for relaxation, choosing colours that excite or inspire you, and using simple shapes, marks, drawing and printing techniques to create satisfying and interesting patterns.

Each week, for eight weeks, I’m planning a full step-by-step project, plus extra theory videos that show my sketchbook work as I develop patterns, the process of choosing interesting colour palettes, reviewing supplies so you can work with the best for your budget and how to digitise your work if you want to take your pattern design further.

I hope you’ll join me! Subscribe to my YouTube channel to access all the videos completely free.

For the start of 2023, I’m going back to doing some architectural sketching and some fun urban art projects all inspired by the beautiful city of Edinburgh. From January to March I’ll share eight projects, with additional videos in-between looking at the technical aspects of line and wash sketching, drawing in perspective, plus some quick and fun mini projects. You’ll find all the videos by subscribing to my YouTube channel, and on this website you’ll find extra helpful resources like reference photos, downloadable line art, step-by-step photos and supplies lists.

For Autumn 2022, I have created a season of 8 woodland and forest themed art tutorials. These range from beginner to intermediate projects with full video instruction and downloadable line art and references for each one. Be inspired by trees, leaves, beetles, bugs and woodland critters to create fun and whimsical works of art!

If you’d like to learn to sketch, I have lots of video tutorials on my youtube channel. There you can find a number of projects you can follow along with; there are simple single buildings, the basics of making house portraits, street scenes and guides on perspective. 

I provide all the reference images for you to paint along if you’d like to. Follow the link below to my youtube channel playlist of line and wash projects. When you’ve completed your project, you can share it with me by posting it on instagram and tagging me @louracheldavis.

I love watercolour for its simplicity, the rich colours and the unpredicatability of it. I provide tutorials of simple watercolour patterns that are perfect if whether you’re a beginner to watercolour, you’re a lover of pattern like I am or if you’re wanting a mindful, relaxing painting experience. 

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