Beauty. Simplicity. Detail.

Winter 2023 Term – Inspired by … Edinburgh!

Welcome to the Winter 2023 term at Lou Davis Art on youTube! 

Over on my YouTube channel, I’m offering a whole host of free to view art tutorials. There are projects for beginners and more advanced artists, and I use mainly watercolour, but also branch out to use other art supplies sometimes too!

Each week there will be a project you can follow along with, with a comprehensive video tutorial, supply guides, downloadable line art and reference photos. But that’s not all. For those of you who want to begin to develop your own art style, and make your own decisions about the art you make, for each project there is also a theory video that will cover different techniques; sketching, observation, colour mixing, different media and the importance of play.

If you follow along with these theory videos, over time you’ll learn:

How to Draw Anything! 

We’ll talk about observation, composition, perspective, proportion, measuring and how to abandon all those things when you want to.

Colour Play

Let’s not talk about colour theory, nothing sounds duller! We’ll get excited about colour and what happens when colours mix, combine, bleed, run and glaze.


We’ll talk about light and shade, the difference between tones and values, and the differences you can make in your art by thinking about rough versus smooth, detailed versus minimal, loose versus controlled.

Simplifying and Abstracting

How to take a complex scene or subject and begin to break it down into easy to draw segments. Don’t let a subject overwhelm you, you can tackle anything with the right tools. We’ll talk about how different methods of simplifying or abstracting subjects enable you to get the effect you want.

Developing Your Style

Give yourself freedom to experiment and find out what kind of art you want to make. Explore the art of others and see what excites you. Make decisions as you paint and draw that reveal your own preferences and you’ll soon find yourself making artwork that just feels like you!

I look forward to seeing you in Winter 2023!


  • Week 1 – 20th January.
    Edinburgh Castle and Fireworks

  • Week 2 – 27th January.
    New Town Edinburgh

  • Week 3 – 4th February.
    Old Town Building – Livestream

  • Week 4 – 10th February.
    Camera Obscura

  • Week 5 – 17th February.
    Design a Sign

  • Week 6 – 24th February.
    Draw an Illustrative Map

  • Week 7 – 4th March. 
    Painting Dean Village – Livestream

  • Week 8 – 10th March.
    City Skyline