Wondrous Woodland!

Autumn 2022

An autumn term of Lou’s art school, featuring all the lovely growing, earthy things you find in a forest!

Week 1 - Marvellous Mushrooms

This short and sweet video will show you how to get hold of the downloadable line art for Lou’s projects and make a great start by tracing it onto your watercolour (or sketchbook) paper.

Paint a whimsical watercolour mushroom illustration with Lou. Get your downloadable line art from this website, and follow along!

Week 2 - Seeds and Berries

Seeds and Berries Watercolour Wreath

Use your sketchbook to draw seeds and berries gathered from the forest in different styles. Then use what you’ve learnt from observing them to make simplified versions for a more illustrative look.

Draw and paint with Lou as she creates a line and wash wreath of fabulous forest goodies. Pinecones, berries, branches and leaves.

Week 3 - Autumn Leaf Doodles

25th October - Testing white pens

What are the best options for drawing fine details over watercolour? Lou tests a range of white pens and paints.

28th October - Autumn Leaf Doodles

Paint a simple page of doodled autumn leaves. Have fun with autumn colour and make patterns on your leaf shapes.

Week 4 - Silver Birch Landscape

Watercolour painting of Silver Birch Trees

1st November - Choosing Colour Palettes for your Art Projects

When planning a project, use simple colour palettes to decide on the perfect colour schemes for your paintings. Try our different looks for your projects, with bright or subdued colours and experiment with tonal range.

Paint a stand of autumnal silver birch trees in a hilly landscape.

Week 5 - Painting Trees

Twisted Oak Fine Art Print

8th November - Watercolour Trees

Explore some tree shapes and practice a page full of trees.

Paint beautiful imaginary trees in watercolour.

Week 6 - Beetles and Bugs

Gouache Stag Beetle

15th November - Experiments with Gouache

Trying out a new medium and seeing what we can do with it!

Paint colourful beetles from your imagination.

Week 7 - Forest Path

Winter Trees Watercolour Painting

22nd November - Mini Woodland Scenes

Using one colour to create mini tree paintings

Paint a snowy tree landscape.

Week 8 - Painting Birds

29th November - How to draw Robins

Fill a sketchbook page with line and wash robins

Perfect for Christmas cards, paint a cheery watercolour robin.