In Person and Online Workshops

I run workshops in Edinburgh through The Arienas Collective. I’m currently offering workshops in Screen Printing, Letterpress Printing and have a special one-off workshop in aesthetic bullet journalling coming up later in 2021.

Check The Arienas Collective for upcoming dates!

I have also collaborated on an online workshop with Bookbinding with Cassshowing how to make a gel printed junk journal. This workshop contains full video content you can watch at your leisure, a kit with all the tools and materials you need to make it and an optional live zoom session with Cass and I where we can get to know you and share further ideas about how to develop your journal. Find out more here!

Watercolour For Relaxation

An in-person watercolour workshop with me. uses watercolour to create simple and approachable patterns that allow you to get acquainted with this medium in a way that helps you focus, shut out the outside world and simply create.

In this workshop, we’ll paint three watercolour projects, learning to use the paints to create a number of effects, we’ll learn how to mix and blend colours on the palette or on the page, and we’ll embellish our paintings with details in pen and with gold watercolour.

This workshop is perfect if you’re new to watercolour and offers a really beautiful way to explore the medium, it’s also good if you’re experienced in watercolour and are interested in using your painting and drawing time to relax and de-stress.

Check for Upcoming Dates