I ‘m often asked what supplies I use for different projects, so I’ve included a list here of the most common. Sometimes I simply use the supplies that are most readily available where I am, others were recommended to me and others I’ve found through trial and error.

Some of the links are affiliate links and are marked with an *. If you follow them and then purchase something I’ll get a small commission so it’s a lovely thing to do if you want to support me. However, I always advocate shopping around for the best prices as there are often good discounts on some of these products.

Watercolour Painting Supplies

Watercolour Paints

The main watercolours I use are the professional colours from Windsor and Newton. I started with the 24 half pan set, and have added more to my collection over time.

Windsor and Newton Professional 24 half pan watercolour set * 

I also have some paints from Daniel Smith * I particularly like

  • Buff Titanium
  • Lunar Blue
  • Moonglow
  • Venetian Red

I also have some Cotman watercolours, also from Windsor and Newton. These are their student grade watercolours and are a great option if you’re getting started.

Cotman Pocket Plus Box Set : 12 Half Pans * 

I have a set of 6 gold and silver paints from Kuretake 

Kuretake Gansai Tambi Starry Colours *

And this 12 colour set from Kuretake

Kuretake Gansai Tambi 12 Colour Set 36V-48V *

Watercolour Paper

For practice, I like using these watercolour paper pads from Cass Arts. They’re acid free and 300gsm – so are perfectly good for any type of watercolour painting. They reasonably priced and come in pads of 50 sheets so I never need to worry about saving them for my best work and I’m happy to use them for swatching and playing around. However, the paint does dry quickly and doesn’t flow quite so nicely as it does on cotton paper.

Cass Arts 50 Sheets Watercolour Pad

I really like these watercolour blocks from Arches. The paper is lovely and being on a block means that the paper is gummed on four sides so you don’t need to stretch it and can use lots of water on it without it buckling. I used both the cold pressed and hot pressed version of this paper. (Hot pressed paper is smooth, while cold pressed has some  of that iconic watercolour paper texture!)

Arches Watercolour Paper Blocks * 

Watercolour Brushes

I have quite a few Pro Arte Watercolour Brushes.

I also have some Pro Arte ProLene Synthetic brushes * (Currently using sizes 2,4,7 pointed round and the 3/4 and 3/16th one stroke brushes, and a size 3 rigger.)

I’m also enjoying the Princeton Neptune Pointed Round Brushes in size 4 and 10.

Princeton Neptune Series Brushes *

Gouache Painting

For painting with gouache, I use my synthetic watercolour brushes (not the sable ones, they don’t hold their shape when used with the thicker paint!) and I paint onto both watercolour paper and into my sketchbooks, see the other sections on this page for links!

Gouache Paint

I got a set of Windsor and Newton Designer Gouache which contained ten basic colours. I have then supplemented with a few extras bought from my local art shop. One of the reasons I have so much Windsor and Newton is that it’s available either in sets or individual tubes from shops local to me!

Windsor and Newton Designers Gouache Introductory Set *

  • Indigo
  • Venetian Red
  • Burnt Umber
  • Titanium White

Drawing Supplies


I like a fine-liner pen and, though I have the odd pen that is a pigma micron, I generally use uni-pin pens in a whole range of nib sizes. There’s very little difference between the two!

Uni-Pin Pens *

For adding colour, especially adding white to a watercolour painting, I like using Posca acrylic markers.

Posca 0.7 mm in White *

I made a video testing white pens to use over watercolour and the pen that won out in that test was the Uni-Ball Signo Broad Gel Rollerball Pen UM-153


I love a square, spiral bound sketchbook and these from Jackson’s Art are great! I have a few different sizes.

Jackson’s Art Wire-O Sketchbook *

My bullet journal is a 8×8 dot grid journal from Archer and Olive. I love the weight of the paper and it’s very nice to draw on.

Morning Sun 8×8 Dot Grid Journal 

Printing Supplies

Lino Printing

I got my x-cut xpress for printing from The Range. I believe these have been discontinued but they sometimes come into stock or you can find them in store or second hand.  

I use pfeil cutting tools*. I have long since lost the packaging but believe I have 12/1, 9/2 and 9/5.

I use Cranfield Traditional Gold* ink and relief ink by Intaglio Printmaker.  

The white paper I use for block printing is Somerset Satin and I use Arches Velin Noir for printing on black. I buy it by the sheet and tear it down to size.

I use traditional grey hessian backed lino*. 

Screen Printing

I buy screen print medium, inks and sundries from https://handprinted.co.uk

My screens, emulsion and cleaning products are from https://www.pyramidscreenproducts.co.uk

Hinge clamps, squeegees and  screen masking tape from https://www.art2silkscreen.co.uk